ProStream PA: Daily & Monthly Allocations

Reliable daily production history facilitates forecasting, performance and audit reporting

We understand your business operates 24-7, and changes are constant. Production and well optimization are key to your company's long term success. ProStream PA is CriticalControl's streamlined solution that captures reliable daily & monthly production history.

Often times there are data elements that are missed, bad data and poor estimates used in hydrocarbon allocations. The effects of these challenges are not uncovered until late in the process which can cause costly rework. ProStream PA helps to correct these challenges before allocations are completed, helping to reduce costly rework.

Daily Allocations:

  • Information is visible to all stakeholders on a daily basis
  • More accurate information allows for better business decisions
  • Able to correct data and configurations on a proactive basis
  • Easily identify missing or incorrect data elements
  • Increased accuracy / availability of data allows for cost optimization by:
    -managing to nominations
    -knowing where opportunities exist to make contract changes
  • Provides better visibility into field operations with the ability to identify and correct potential data issues (missing information, new wells, flow changes, rate estimates, etc.)
  • Opportunity to use daily information to demonstrate remediation of issues and modifications to processes, as required by EPAP
  • Able to see shrinkage on a daily basis and review for optimization opportunities

Monthly Allocations:

  • Able to easily identify unexpected losses in volumes from wellhead to sales outlet
  • Able to identify potential compliance issues and address them through EPAP and regulatory reporting
  • More accurate data = better allocations, more equitable allocations = better partner relations
  • Reduction in the amount of rework required which reduces costs and effort from ALL Joint Venture partners

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