Streamlined Auditable Meter Calibration Management & Verification

This module provides a streamlined, auditable, end-to-end process for managing meter calibration and verification requirements.

The Meter Calibration Management & Verification module provides a central repository for all your meter calibration / verification data. From there, tools have been created to allow you to manage and report on those processes:

  • Schedule / reschedule meter verifications
  • Validate and identify any changes and / or issues at meters
  • Track frequency and quality of meter verifications
  • Disseminate calibration reports, as required
  • Audit reporting on the points above
Key Benefits

This module automates the data handling process making scheduling, validation and distribution of meter information easier and more efficient.

This solution offers:

  • Ease of Implementation
  • Coordination of sample and calibration schedules
  • The ability to keep inventory and schedules together
  • Facilitation of improvement as a result of reviewing data
  • Identification of critical systems

Meter further facilitates the creation of enhanced and auditable foundation records:

  • Volume calculations
  • Meter static information
  • Meter inventory
  • Compliance

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