ProValidate: Cost-Efficient Volumetric Data Validation

ProValidate is the solution that ensures your volumetric field data is correct before you use it.

Auditing volumetric information is a low cost insurance for errors and omissions — avoiding the need for costly recalculations and resubmissions.

Charts and EFM data can be reprocessed, compared and evaluated to ensure that volumes were properly interpreted and calculated before they are imported into your field data capture system. Changes are recorded and an audit trail is created that complies with applicable guidelines.

ProValidate is designed to provide the user with an easy-to-use interface for reviewing imported data and resolving identified exceptions, so errors can be caught and corrected immediately:

  • Easily see which meters have/have not reported or are frozen
  • Receive warnings when imported data violates established tolerances, trends or thresholds
  • Be automatically notified when new measurement locations are detected

ProValidate is expected to be launched in 2014.

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