NetFlow is a web-enabled Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software system that allows clients to monitor and manage remote production and processing sites in real time. It optimizes operator visits to sites, thereby minimizing production downtime.

NetFlow is the real time SCADA information solution that provides users with:

  • Real time site information
  • Flow volume capture with complete audit trail
  • Universal two-way communication with remote devices
  • Vendor neutral compatibility
  • Low upfront capital costs compared to capital intensive self hosted solutions

NetFlow supports all major protocols enabling communication with virtually any field system – including traditional SCADA hardware and software. Solutions can be provided as stand alone devices or integrated with existing SCADA systems.

How NetFlow Works

Remote sites are equipped with a secure communication device that enables two-way, encrypted communication between sites and the NetFlow server.

NetFlow enables users to view real time and historical data required to make effective and timely operational decisions. This software also enables users to perform, control and update information without visiting a remote site, via a secure internet connection without the need for any special software.

With NetFlow, users can:

  • Update flow computer configuration
  • Optimize plunger lift controls
  • Set high/low alarms
  • Manage callouts for selected alarms
  • Check online status to determine if problems can be resolved instantly
  • Shut down and re-start equipment
  • Adjust flow control valves
  • Monitor and adjust compressor operations

Online status information and call-out alarms enable operators to prioritize their activities according to what is occurring in the field. This saves time, enhances awareness and increases responsiveness to complications, ultimately optimizing boed.

NetFlow also provides users with the ability to share current and historical data in real-time for reporting, analysis, review and forecasting across functions, roles, and locations.

Data at Work

With access to timely and accurate critical information, users are:

  • More connected to operations
  • More responsive to changing situations
  • More efficient at communication and collaboration

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