ProChart uses color recognition to digitally interpret chart data for fluid volume calculations and offers the most extensive reporting capability in the industry— providing you faster, more accurate turnaround.

With over 220,000 charts processed monthly, and the most extensive reporting capability available in the industry, ProChart is the leading chart integration software system in North America.

ProChart uses color recognition to digitally interpret chart data for fluid (primarily gas) volume calculations. Chart management is enhanced as users can readily search for and view chart images online, rather than handling the paper source documents.

Volume reports are available as soon as processing and quality assurance is completed. Using any web browser, ProChart enables users in both the field and head office to have immediate access to more accurate information, including:

  • Completeness status report
  • Chart images
  • Chart image overlays
  • Measured volume
  • Critical meter information
  • Exception reports

Electronic data exports for uploads to field data capture and production accounting systems

ProChart provides full document storage (e.g. meter calibrations, gas analysis, measurement schematics, etc.) as well as audit trails.


How ProChart Works

Charts are scanned and loaded into digital interpretation software. An image overlay is created by the software and reviewed by an analyst. A volume is determined from this overlay.

For the quickest turnaround, charts can be scanned remotely and transmitted immediately to the ProStream/ProChart vendor for processing and volume determination. This provides turnaround within 24-48 hours.

If remote scanning is not an option, charts can be sent directly to the ProStream/ProChart vendor for scanning — the only difference being the chart transit time.


Data at Work

With access to timely and accurate critical information, companies are:

  • More connected to operations
  • More responsive to changing situations
  • More efficient at communication and collaboration

ProChart also provides personnel and partners the ability to share current and historical data in real time for reporting, analysis, review and forecasting.

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