ProMonitor: Risk & Integrity, Regulatory Databases, Schematics

ProMonitor is a cloud-based software product which generates asset risk and integrity elements, maps, field flow diagrams and measurement schematics from a spatial database that depicts how assets are connected. The related computer hardware is hosted in a high performance secure data centre and accessed by our customers in any standard web browser. Our expert services and tools collect information from various public and private data sources, cross-reference the data and deliver what you need for operational purposes.

Workforce woes are hampering producers’ returns. From an aging retiring workforce to the high turnover of transient staff, the information housed within these employees is crucial to business. Ensuring the knowledge is transferred out of minds and into a digital ProMonitor format will protect producers from losses experienced when employees depart.

How ProMonitor Works

ProMonitor’s scalable packages help to bridge internal data silos by integrating multiple data sets from various jurisdictions:

  • Fluid analysis
  • Production data
  • Well production information
  • Pipeline failure incidents
  • Environmental incidents
  • Facility Information
  • Digital elevation models
  • Culture information – roads, water ways, cities and towns

By integrating pipeline data in a single web-base repository, our ProMonitor users optimize their mitigation dollars.

Additional Benefits

  • Data accuracy & verification
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Cross-departmental communication & collaboration
  • Role specific layer control
  • Digital knowledge transfer
  • Asset management & valuation
  • Ease of access & navigation
  • Management of change
  • Digital archiving & retrieval with version control
  • CCES in-house service & support

There are three modules within the ProMonitor product:

1) Risk & Integrity

Oil & gas companies operate within one of the most heavily regulated industries in North America. They also concurrently operate hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of facilities, which in turn are connected to thousands of kilometers of pipeline.

As a result, oil & gas companies face significant challenges in the areas of structural integrity, a geographically dispersed workforce, increasing environmental pressures and cost control.

ProMonitor offers producers an ‘out of the box’ approach to address a number of risk and compliance related issues. No matter what the size of the company or level of complexity, ProMonitor packages are designed to provide quick and easy solutions to address these time consuming and often precarious issues with confidence.

2) Regulatory Databases

Manually compiling and validating the data and information from multiple public and private datasets is complex, confusing, time-consuming and prone to error. ProMonitor has built a variety of tools, automated processes, cross-references and reports to quickly and easily flag inaccuracies, highlight exceptions and reveal flawed data. Identifying errors in the various datasets allows for quick and easy correction from wrong to right - the springboard for risk, integrity and accurate schematics.

3) Schematics: GIS, Field Flow Diagrams, Measurement Schematics

Producers face an ever-increasing amount of regulations to adhere to. EPAP and new D17 regulations in Alberta have added current and compliant measurement schematics on the list of production operations’ things to-do. ProMonitor provides the platform to ensure producers are meeting regulators’ expectations and requirements; from version control to management of change, timely revisions to easy distribution.

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