ProTrend is the industry-leading application that provides producers with an accurate, low-cost, lab-independent* fluid analysis management solution that improves the accuracy and integrity of fluid compositions used throughout measurement and product allocation systems.

*All labs in the WCSB have the ability to download their data to ProTrend electronically

Errors in gas and liquid analysis are a potentially significant risk to producers and processors. By providing a streamlined process and tool set, ProTrend is able to help companies mitigate this risk.

How ProTrend Works

ProTrend takes electronic data files from any lab and passes it through a rigorous validation process that employs client-controlled criteria. All analyses are objectively validated. Analyses that meet these criteria are made available for immediate use without human intervention.

Analyses that do not meet criteria are flagged and held for review by a qualified user. ProTrend also provides clients with the ability to track, schedule and completely manage entire fluid analysis processes from a single repository, regardless of the lab that performed the analysis. ProTrend also helps clients to easily manage the transfer of analysis data to measurement and revenue systems, which are dependent on fluid quality to perform accurate calculations. Additionally, the manual entry of analysis data and associated keying errors is virtually eliminated.

Key Features

  • A single web-based repository for all analytical fluid data
  • A work-order tool set for clients to manage all of their routine fluid sampling requirements: e.g. scheduling, tracking, identifying missing or overdue samples
  • Validation of all analyses against rigorous client-defined criteria
  • Locks any rejected analyses from being used in error.
  • Electronic dissemination of all valid analysis to clients’ internal measurement systems: Field Data Capture, Production Accounting, Charts, Scada/EFM, Risk of Internal Corrosion, Environmental calculators, etc and to third-party end users

By reducing fluid analysis errors, a primary cause of revenue, royalty, and reporting errors a producer can yield significant savings in time and money. In addition, Clients that use the ProTrend software tool often see significant reductions in their fluid analysis sampling program over time.

Additional Benefits

  • Currently manages 120,000+ active meter points.
  • Provides sampling recommendations to help clients optimize their sampling dollars by comparing the scope of the current program to regulatory requirements.
  • Provides automated controls to support ERCB and CSOX compliance requirements.
  • Reduces audit exposure and revenue risk.
  • Reduces costly revenue and royalty allocation rework.
  • Provides comprehensive audit trails.
  • Eliminates manual keying of analysis.
  • Enables clients to create basic or summary reporting as needed.
  • Helps manage third-party sampling requirements.

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